Today I would like to tell you about a company called WayBetter and how they have helped me to stay on track with my weight loss and activity goals. Today I am going to explain DietBet and I will tell you about StepBet later this week.

I started my mission to get healthier on January 1, 2018 with a Whole30, I made it 20 days before falling of the wagon, but did lose 13 pounds before I discovered DietBet.  I was scrolling Instagram one day and saw an advertisement for some crazy weight-loss program.  I started reading the comments and found out that the images that were being used were not results from that company, but that they belonged to a woman named Lexi, also known as fatgirlfedup.  I found her feed and started reading her story.  She has lost over 300 pounds naturally and uses DietBet as an accountability tool.  I checked out the website and decided to give it a try.

My first game started on 1/29/2018, one day before my birthday.  I knew that this would help hold me accountable when it came to partying with my friends!

This is how it works:

Step 1- Join a game

You can pick any game that suits your needs/timing/goals, but I suggest this one Attitude of Gratitude with Alykrysgetsfit

I am running it, and plan on doing some giveaways along the journey.

Step 2- Weigh in

The weigh in process is pretty easy.  They give you a code word to use and you need a digital scale.  You take one photo of your feet and the weight and then one full body photo.  Most of my full body photos are selfies, but I have had a few that my boyfriend was awake for (I weigh in first thing in the morning, aka early). Here are some examples of weigh in photos, from various parts of this journey.

Step 3- Play

Once your starting weight has been approved you will be given your 4% weigh-tloss calculation.  If you want to find this on your own take 0.96 and multiply it by your current weight to get your goal weight or to figure out how many pounds you need to lose take 0.4 and multiply it by your current weight. You have  28 days to lose that 4% and win!

  • Example using 150lbs:
  • 0.96×150= 144 goal weight
  • 0.04×150=6 pounds to lose

Step 4- Weigh Out

Same process as the weigh in, to verify if you have hit your goal or not.

Step 5- Win Money!

If you hit your goal, you will split the pot with the other winners, if you do not hit your goal, you have just donated your money to the people that did hit their goal.  DietBet does take a percentage of the pot, but if everyone wins, everyone will at least get their starting bet back.

I have completed 10 games so far, 9 kickstarter games and 1 transformer game.  I have lost 3 kickstarters and I didn’t make weight for the first 2 rounds of that transformer bet, but I have come out ahead by $143 even with the losses, just by working on my goal to lose weight.

I really like DietBet’s policy on healthy weight loss. If you are caught using unsafe methods to lose weight, lose too much, or are caught cheating in any way, you get disqualified.  I found this super helpful as it prevented me from slipping into disordered eating habits.  Accountability is key for me, and having money on the line helps me even more.

If losing weight is one of your goals in achieving physical wellness, I hope that you will join me for my game that starts on November 1 and ends December 3.

If you have any questions, you can shoot me an email via the contact page, comment here, or  DM me at alykrysgetsfit

I hope to see you in the game!!



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