2019 Intentions

Here we are, 9 days into 2019 and I have finally set my intentions for the year.

Last year I focused on physical wellness. I lost 60 pounds, developed good exercise habits and started eating clean. I will continue to maintain these habits for the rest of my life. I’m currently on day 4 of a Whole30 reset, to get myself back in the routine of eating paleo-ish as I have found that eating paleo tends to limit the inflammation in my body and makes the fibromyalgia more manageable.

This year I would like to focus more on my financial wellness. I have a good amount of debt to tackle. I was underemployed last year, have student loans, had to repair my car, and we moved into a new apartment. I was in debt before all of this, but now it’s just bad news bears.

I have a decent job now (yay occupational wellness) and have developed a strict budget. I downloaded a free app to help me pay off my debts. If I stick to all of these things, and pick up extra work whenever I can, I’ll head into 2020 with the ability to start saving more money.

I am also working on getting my Life Coach certificate from New Skills Academy. It’s a UK school, but I also have my BSW so it’s more of a supplementary certificate to enhance the skills that I already possess. I enjoy helping others to find their true potential, so this should be a step in the right direction for doing just that.

I have not decided if I am going to audition for any shows this year or not, as my main focus right now is to finish this course and to get my bank account to be less angry at me, but if i find myself in a better place by spring, I’ll dust off the dance shoes and audition for a musical.

I am singing 2 concerts with the New Choral Society this spring. I love the group so much.

I am continuing to work on my spiritual wellness. I have officially joined a new church in Wilton. I LOVE it. Everyone is very down to earth and open minded. Being in a truly LGBTQ+ friendly Christian church is a breath of fresh air. St. Matthews truly shares the love of Christ in a very powerful way. I look forward to stepping into that building each Sunday.

So in summary my intentions for 2019 are to continue working on my physical wellness, up my financial/occupational wellness game and to continue to connect to people through music and church.

What is on your list for 2019?


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