Call to Post

One of my Instagram buddies has created a space for people with chronic illness to share things about their battle, and I got nominated to talk about maintaining fitness with gratitude thrown in. I wanted to share it here as well.

This is what the post says:

I have been chosen to by to talk about maintaining fitness while dealing with a chronic illness. I am very grateful to share this with you all!

In December of 2017 I hit my highest weight and it was due to medication changes and more frequent fibromyalgia flares. I decided that I needed to work more diligently on my own to find ways to get the illness to calm down, so that I could reclaim my body and my life.

I thought back to one of my specialist suggesting going paleo to help with systemic inflammation, and started a round of @whole30 to kickstart the way of eating. After a few weeks of eating very clean, I was able to get back into a workout routine.

I tried out a @thebarmethod class and was hooked. I knew that this was a workout that I could adapt while in a flare and remain consistent in exercising regularly. Before this I would get discouraged when my trainer would have to hand me lighter weights than what I had been working with the prior week just due to my body being in rebellion.

There are still days that I have to just hide out in bed and relax, but I have found that the more I stay consistent with eating only foods that don’t make my body angry and exercising that I feel better overall.

I am very grateful to have found a routine that works for me, and am even training to be able to run 5K without falling apart! I do recognize that I have to listen to my body and stop/rest now and then, but finding a good fitness routine has been such a blessing.

Living with chronic illness/pain is hard, but I try to find at least one positive thing to focus on each day and that keeps me going.

Thank you for listening to my story and I hope that it encourages you to overcome some of your own obstacles as well.


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