Closing the Rings

In June of 2018 I splurged and got an Apple Watch. I had just started a new job and wanted to be able to screen texts while playing with kids on the playground, I didn’t realize how much this little device would impact my decision to work out.

I have had a Fitbit since January of 2013 and have gone in spurts if wearing it all the time and taking long breaks. I like knowing exactly how much I am moving my body throughout the day, and the visual really helps me stay active. When I first got my watch I used the Fitbit and the watch, as I can wear the Fitbit on stage (clipped to my bra). Right now I am down to just the watch…until I’m on stage again haha.

This watch is so bossy. I have 3 goals to that it would like me to meet each day. A move goal (active calorie burn), an exercise goal (30 minutes) and a stand goal (12 hours).

The move goal is pretty easy for me to meet, as I spend a good amount of time carrying a baby around and that raises my heart rate. I usually have this ring closed by the time I go to bed,

The exercise ring is sometimes a tricky one for me. When I take a barre class I close it, when I hit the gym for a run sometimes I get 28/30 minutes and some days I’m just lazy and don’t budge it at all. Yesterday I was determined to close the ring (and meet a step goal) so it was motivation to try out my first Zumba class, and this morning I took a cycle (spin) class and had the ring closed by 6:30am.

The stand goal is the most annoying one, I spend a decent amount of time standing, but it has to be more active standing to trigger that it’s done. It seems that you have to be walking around for a certain amount of time within an hour for it to count. My watch is set to notify me if I have to meet the goal, so I have a lot of mini dance parties. The baby thinks it’s hilarious.

There is a satisfaction that comes along with seeing the rings all closed and earning badges/awards for being active, I am almost 32 and still motivated by stickers and these are like digital stickers haha.

Getting my rings closed has inspired me to try different forms of exercise than I would have tried before. Like the Zumba class. I had always wanted to try one, but was lacking motivation. I got done with work early enough to make it to the gym for class. When I got there I was tired and almost didn’t take the class, but I’m glad that I did.

I think that Zumba classes could help me be more confident in dance calls at auditions. Following along with dancing for an hour is a mental workout as well as a physical one.

Cycle is a beast. I like riding the exercise bike, but the spin bikes are a bit hard on the tush. I will work this class in when I can, but might need to invest in some padded bike shorts 😂

I am hoping to earn a perfect month badge in February, closing all 3 rings all month.

Send fun 30 minute exercise ideas my way!


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