Health Update

So, I had to get 14 tubes of blood drawn last week after my PCP discovered that I have Raynaud’s Disease. She wanted to make sure that there isn’t some serious underlying cause.

Raynaud’s itself isn’t super dangerous, it’s mostly annoying. My hands and feet are always cold and when they start to warm up they feel like they are on fire. I wear gloves/mittens outside and try to keep my hands warm while inside.

My hands and feet turn fun colors throughout the day.

I had an appointment with my gynecologist yesterday. Annual exam, but she also read my blood tests that my PCP had ordered as well as the ones she ordered. My PCOS risk has gone away and my hormones have leveled out since the last time she ran numbers…aka I can have babies 😊

I’m still waiting on some test results to come back, and for my kidneys to chill out, but for now I am celebrating the small health victories among the craziness.

Steve and I even had pink champagne last night 😊

Cheers to things looking up!


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