March Book Madness

This year for me March became book reading madness! My kindle unlimited trial had run out and I forgot to cancel it so was charged $9.99 and had to get my moneys worth of book reading in, you know, because I’m working on spending mindfully and all that jazz. This has lead to me reading/listening to 10 between March 13 and March 27. The following is a bit about what I read. I feel like I need to break down some of these into more in depth posts, so this will be a starting point for you.

I downloaded a bunch of books to my library, but the first one to suck me in was The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry. I choose this book because it had the option of narration. I was able to listen to it, as well as simply read it when I needed to be quiet. I was working backstage on a show and it was tech week, so I was able to finish it pretty quickly. I was also totally sucked into the book so it was nice to be able to switch to audio while driving places.

The book was fantastic. It’s about a girl that has been found wandering the streets and the family that ends up adopting her. I can’t say too much without giving anything away, but if you like twisted stories with unexpected endings this book is for you.

After reading one of Lucinda Berry’s books and loving it so much, I decided to borrow more of her books. I read Appetite for Innocence and Phantom Limb.

Both of them were also freaking amazing. I like dark and twisty, but after cramming those three books in, my PTSD was going a bit crazy so I decided to switch over to some lighter reading. I will go back and read the rest of her books in April and then do an in depth description of them all for you 😊

Between having my brain melted (in a good way) with the thrillers I was reading some self development books, quicker reads. I read The No Spend Challenge by Jen Smith and time How to be Debt Free by Avery Breyer to help with my get out of debt mission and I read F**K Anxiety by Robert Duff.

Back in September I read (more like skimmed) Girl, wash your Face by Rachel Hollis. I wasn’t as into it as many people were, but was able to understand the hype. I found out that her Girls Series was one of the options for kindle with narration and decided to give the books a listen. I actually really liked them. I hope that she does more fiction work.

There are 3 books in the series. Party Girl, Sweet Girl, and Smart Girl. If you have read GWYF you can see how Rachel works her own life experiences into the characters of these stories, which is cool.

I also listened to Girl, Stop Apologizing. There are many great things in this book, but I also found it kind of annoying at times. This is another spot where I think a separate post would work. I’ll give you a whole history on how I found Rachel Hollis and my honest opinions about her books there.

My goal is to keep reading. I will break down this list into some smaller posts soon. I will finish reading Ms. Berry’s books and review them all in one spot, tell you all about Rachel Hollis (from my POV) and keep you posted anything else I read.

Thank you for coming along with me on this journey.

If you have any book suggestions for me, you can comment here!


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