Its been a While

Hello Readers,

It has been a while since I have published a post.  I have a bunch of blog posts that I have started, but that have not been completed.  My brain has been swimming with ideas and getting them all out in a way that makes sense has been a bit difficult.  I plan on posting about my journey with PTSD, friendships and how they have shaped me, Rachel Hollis and more, but I have to get myself in order first. I have a bit of sensory overload at the moment.

The past few weeks have been a blur.  I have been working on 2 musicals at the same time.  Guys and Dolls is now up and running until May 11, but that means my weekends are devoted to performances and now my week days I am at rehearsals for Chess at a different theatre.  I love performing, but between working up to 10 hours a day with an hour commute on each side of that shift and being in rehearsals until 10pm, I have not had much spare time to think clearly.

I have been doing some writing while the baby that I watch naps, if time allows between cooking him meals and folding laundry…like right now.  I have some bone broth cooking in the instant pot, and he is asleep…so I have a few spare minutes.  I have also been using nap time to brush up on my Spanish with Duolingo, as I would like to be able to communicate with the other nannies and many of them speak Spanish as their primary language.

Sometimes my journey to wellness means meal prepping and working out, the season that I am in right now is more dining on the fly and being surrounded by fellow thespians.  The love of the stage is worth the lack of sleep…mostly.  I am looking forward to sleeping in this weekend.


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