2019 Intention Update

Woah! Its August 1, 2019…ALREADY!?!

Its time for an update on the intentions that I set for 2019 here back in January.

I actually just went back and read that post for the first time today, to see how well I am doing in making progress towards these goals.

Here is the basic breakdown of the intentions that I set at the beginning of the year:

  • Continue in Food Freedom/Movement that makes me feel good (Physical Wellness)
  • Work on a plan to pay down debt and start saving, including working extra hours/jobs if necessary (Financial/Occupational Wellness)
  • Finish a Life Coaching Certificate program
  • Audition for a show, if feeling like I am in the right head space for it by spring (Social Wellness)
  • Continue working on Spiritual Wellness

So how have I been doing with all of this? Not too shabby considering I have not checked in on what I wrote down until today.

I have been living in Food Freedom, as much as heath issues will allow me to.  I have learned that I need to limit my calcium and protein intake in order to prevent further kidney stones from forming, so those are the only foods that I really keep track of.  I have been eating pretty much whatever I want.  I read a great book called “The F*ck it Diet” a few months back, and it was really eye opening for someone that has an eating disordered past.  Its a book about all of the ways Diet Culture is a liar, and how our doctors have come up with the BMI scale and how much of it is actual BS.

I have put a few pounds back on since the start of 2019, but its not bothering me that much.  Some days it does, as I look in the mirror and don’t see what I want to see, but then I remind myself of the habits I have formed and how much better off I am now that I do not starve myself, or binge eat.  I have not been working out as much in 2019 as I did in 2018. I did audition for some shows, and did them back to back.  This made my schedule pretty tight and I needed sleep, so did not attend The Bar Method religiously like I had been doing.

It was nice to be back on stage, and to be back in the theatre community, but doing two shows back to back really messed with my balance.  My social wellness outside of the house seemed to be thriving, but it was taxing on my emotional wellness, so I have been on an audition black out since May.  I am considering a professional audition later this month, and have told people about it, and worked my schedule around it, but the more I think about it, the more I am realizing that it might not actually be the best choice for me at the moment if I want to work towards paying off my debts.

I have been making some progress in the paying off debt department.  I have taken as much extra dog sitting work as I can and I have started physically writing down all of my purchases.  This practice really makes me think about where my money is going.

I paid off my car back in March, and this has been a huge relief.  Its a 2008 and has over 100K miles on it, so it will need maintenance, but at least that is one less payment per month. I have started using Tally to help me pay down my credit card debt. Its basically a balance transfer service, that is automated.  They pay your credit card bills in an order that saves you money on interest, and then you pay them. They do charge interest on your balance, but its less than what you would be paying on your cards.  You can still make extra payments on individual credit cards if you want to as well.  I do a combination of these things.  My credit score has shot up, as I have a lower debt/credit ratio now that Tally is in play. If you want to try it you can here.

I am still loving my main job.  I work for amazing people and feel appreciated. It would take a lot for me to willingly leave my day job situation, but as of TODAY I completed my Life Coach course, so I can start taking 1:1 clients in my free time.  I am VERY excited about this new opportunity.

The last area that I have been working on is my spiritual wellness.  I have completed the Safe Church training that is required to volunteer at church events, and will be putting it to use to help with Vacation Bible School in a few weeks.  VBS happens to be running the week that the family I work for is traveling, meaning I am magically free to help out!  I am very excited to get to know the youth of St. Matt’s.  Working with young people is a passion of mine.  Its amazing to see things through their eyes, it gives me a whole different world view at times.

So, overall I would say things are going pretty well when it comes to following the plan that I laid out at the beginning of 2019.  I still need to work on keeping parts of my wellness wheel in balance, but don’t we all?



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