August Stay-Cation

In August I had a nice stay-cation filled with many adventures.  Little did I know that the next few weeks would also be full of adventures that I want to share about, but that would be too much for one post…so I will stick with what I did that week.  Here you will learn about my volunteering at VBS, and my Friday in NYC.

I joined St. Matthew’s church last year when Steve and I moved to Wilton from Darien.  I like to get involved in my church community, so when I learned that my week off of work lined up with VBS I signed up to help on the days that I did not already have plans.  So I was able to help on Monday and Wednesday that week.  VBS had a space theme this year, and the kids learned about how to show kindness, and love to their neighbors.  We also did some really cool art projects.  I say we because I totally made them along side of the kids…I’m a big kid myself.

The canvas bags that we painted will be filled with goodies for people in the community to bring them cheer.  They are called “give a smile bags” and the kids loved making them.  The whale painting now also has some stars on it.  Its a constellation named Cetus aka the whale. It now hangs above my bed.  I’m quite proud of how it turned out.

I had big plans for the Friday of stay-cation week….NYC day! When I moved to CT ten years ago I was hanging out with some people, and eventually got connected to Sarah Funk through them, as she was dating my friends brother. A few years ago she quit her day job to become a travel and experience blogger, and she is now doing AMAZING things!! She creates youtube videos about NYC and now also offers tours. I had been wanting to check out one of her tours, but never had a Friday off, so I booked the tour with her as soon as I found out that I had a free Friday.  I have been on many NYC tours since moving out here, and I learned totally new things from Sarah.  She has some great stories to share, you should go if you have the chance.  If you don’t learn something you did not already know about NYC, I will be very surprised.  You can find Sarah here  and also on instagram @sarahfunky. If you cant go on a tour, you can learn a lot from her YouTube channel.

After Sarah’s tour I got to have lunch with an old friend, visited the Fabletics IRL store, had a great dinner nearby and then went to see Frozen on Broadway.

The Fabletics store was so awesome!  I have been wearing Fabletics active-wear since April of 2018 and love it.  It was nice to be able to try stuff on before deciding if I wanted to buy it or not.  As I was trying things on, the other ladies liked my outfit choices so much that they wanted to try the same things.  It felt so empowering to have people looking up to my choices, as these women were also curvy and excited that there are clothes at Fabletics that truly fit curvy girls. The ladies that were working at the store were all shapes and sizes as well, so it was the most welcome I have felt in an active wear store. They offer the membership pricing in store, and also were able to compensate/adjust outfit deals based on what they had in stock.  I left with more clothes than I anticipated, but also spent WAY less on them than the ticket price due to discounts, and also a pair of free leggings.

Want to give Fabletics a try? click here 🙂

When I booked my tour with Sarah, I knew that I would want to see a show that night to make the trek in to NYC more worth it.  I am on a budget so I used Broadway Roulette  to book my ticket. I found out at 9:00am  on show day what I was going to see.  I wasn’t sure what to think when I found out that I was going to see Frozen, but I ended up loving it.  I really like that they added a bit more depth to the story and the new songs are brilliant.  The visuals were stunning.  I left with a smile on my face and a TON of confetti “snow”in my hair  in my bags and probably trailing behind me all the way back to CT.  Its a good show to see to feed your inner child and Disney wonder.


So there you have it. You now know how I spent my staycation…well the parts of it when I was not fighting off the cold that the baby passed to me right before they left for their trip. Life is all about balance, and doing the most we can when we are feeling great, to make up for the times that we are not feeling so great.

I was also supposed to see Fiddler on The Roof in Yiddish during my stay-cation, but plans changed and I saw it the next week…keep an eye out for my post about Fiddler, my first Mets game, the Norwalk Oyster Festival and the New York Renaissance Fair over the next few weeks.

Thank you for being here following along with my life adventures. The ups and the downs and the everything between.  If you want to see more from me on a more regular basis you can keep up with the day to day life of Alyssa here.

Have a great day!!


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