Its 3:06pm on 10/21/2019 and I am processing many emotions.  The kiddo that I care for is sleeping, and will likely wake up soon.

My Grandma had her hip replaced this morning, and everything went as planned.  She called me herself not too long after getting out of surgery.  Medical technology is so amazing.

Not even an hour after hearing from her, I heard from my Uncle Mike that my Great-Uncle Jim passed away last night.  I knew that he had been battling cancer, and was in his 80s, but I am having a hard time processing the emotions.

Uncle Jim was not super involved in my life, but just enough to inspire my joy of music.  He would play guitar and sing to me, and was a fellow thespian.  When I transferred to CUW my Papa Ed (my Grandpa) told me to look Uncle Jim up in the phone book, as he lived in Milwaukee.  Uncle Jim was so happy to hear from me, and then came to see me perform whenever he could.

Today I have so much gratitude for the music that he shared with me.  I am so glad that tonight I will be with my NCS family singing tonight, an audition tomorrow night and a gig with Semaphora on Wednesday. I will honor Uncle Jim with every note I sing this week.

Thanks for reading.  I just needed to get this out into the universe so I could process all that is happening.


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