2020 Vision

Wow, January is already halfway complete, and this is the first time I’m sitting down to write a blog post. Time sure flies!

This year I have chosen a word for the year instead of a New Years resolution. My word for 2020 is JOY.

This has always been an important word to me, in fact it has been tattooed on my body for almost a decade now. I got the tattoo in February of 2010.

Over the past 16 days I have been working to find a bit of joy in each day, especially on the hard days. Life with autoimmune disease is far from glamorous or easy, but I can always find at least one joyful moment to reflect on when I go to bed at night.

Often times I think about my job and how much joy there is in watching a toddler learn new things. Yesterday the little guy saw a flag with a star on it, and said “Star” without being prompted. Things like this remind me that I am doing a wonderful job, as he is absorbing the information that I am pumping into him 35 hours a week.

I find joy in sitting at home in the evening snuggling with my cats and watching TV, and when my partner tucks me into bed before winding down from his own day.

There is so much to be thankful for, I hope that you also find immense joy in all that 2020 has to offer!


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