*Blink* its March 17, 2021

Woah. What a ride we have been on since this time last year.

At this time last year I was home with a cold, just a regular cold, but being super cautious due to the rona being around. It was my first St.Patricks day away from Bar Method Darien since starting at the studio in 2018. I did go for a walk in the rain that day (thank you FB memories for the reminder)

Today I went back to the studio for a 6am class. I found some green leggings that I could squeeze into, and some green socks. I masked up and worked out, and it felt AMAZING to be at my station next to Judy once again. I even won the raffle for a pair of free grippy socks.

The past year has done a number on my body and on my soul. Looking back at photos I can see the physical changes. Looking at captions, I can see the mental ones. I am very thankful to be halfway through my vaccination process, and moving towards a life with more in person interactions.

I am also planning on doing ALOT more writing. I have learned so much about myself during this time, and have so much to say about the past year, and many things that happened…so buckle up there will be stories coming your way. Happy times, sad times, and everything in between.


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