Ramblings on Current Life

Last week I started a motivation makeover course, and I have been learning so much. I listened to one of the book recommendations last week and absolutely loved it. It’s called “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfield. The main takeaway for me was that if I want to accomplish my artistic goals I need to be better about saying NO to extra tasks that don’t serve me well.

For the past few years I have been working from a scarcity mindset when it comes to my bank account being fed, and 2020 hit it really hard. I have been working on paying down debt, and taking every extra job that has come my way. This has been great for paying bills, but it has really stopped me from accomplishing some of my own goals. I started a new job that does pay the bills on its own, so I have committed to taking at least the month of April off from extra gig work, unless its something that is serving my art.

I have been resisting committing to my story time page and to this blog as it does scare me. I am feeding words and videos out into the internet void and am unsure if anyone actually cares, but if one human smiles because of my ridiculous childrens content or one person can relate to my struggles/victories and feel better/more confident in their own journey, then my job is done.

My day job is truly the best job for me. I love it so damn much. I am built to take care of people and to entertain them, and that’s exactly what I do daily as a nanny. I get to help shape the future of the world one kiddo at a time and its pretty amazing. At some point I would like to grow my own little family, and will need some sort of income stream, as ideally I would like to be home with my kiddos, and raise them like I have been helping to raise kids for the past 11 years. If I can turn Storytime with Alyssa into a “real” job I can be a work from home parent. If I could monetize a blog, I could be a work from home parent. Thats a goal for future Mommy Alyssa, but it has to start now as Career Alyssa plants the seeds.

So here we are, me making good on my mission to post at least one blog a week even if its rambling…one more goal off the list. Thanks for reading my scattered thoughts.


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