In Real Life?

Now that I am fully vaccinated, I am getting back to doing more things IRL. The first thing on the list is to record a concert with New Choral Society in Scarsdale, NY this weekend. I will be 2 weeks out from dose 2, so I don’t have to get a covid swab before recording day. I am very happy to be done with mandatory covid swabs…they suck.

The next thing on my IRL schedule is an in person auction for a local production of the Sound Of Music. I have not had an audition since the spring of 2019, so I am quite rusty. My friend Lydia is an amazing musician and has helped me prepare a bit, thanks Lydia! I need to find a photo to use as a headshot, as I look a bit different than I did pre-rona…but thats a minor detail.

Speaking of Lydia…she has booked a Semaphora show in July, and I think I am most excited about this. I love her music and continue to be honored that she lets me sing it.

Aside from performing IRL once again, we have a trip booked. We are going to Virginia Beach at the end of May to see my partners parents. It will be nice to get a change of scenery for a while.

On May 19 CT is going to allow all businesses to fully open, with mask mandates for indoors. The town I live in has 84% of the 16+ population at least halfway vaccinated. Life is in motion, and its SO exciting!!!!!