Moderna Woman

I am officially vaccinated! On April 25 I will hit the 2 weeks post dose 2 mark. It feels good to be done getting shots for a while.

I did have some side effects with both doses, but nothing super major or scary.

I was VERY tired both times and spiked a super low fever, but felt totally normal after a few days. My arm was more sore after dose 1 than dose 2.

The news about the J&J being pulled is a bit unsettling, but the risk/benefit of being vaccinated against covid-19 won. I have autoimmune issues and if I was to get the rona, I would likely be knocked down for more than just the 2 days the vaccine doses knocked me down for.

Thanks to science for making it possible to get back to a more normal life after over a year of being home far more than I would like to be!!

Our first trip is planned, we are going to see Steve’s parents at the end of May, and we are SO excited. We haven’t seen them both together since 2019. It is going to be special.

The band that I sing with has a live performance booked for this July. The community band I play trombone in, will be playing for the fireworks this year…there is light at the end of the tunnel.

If you feel comfortable getting vaccinated, do it. Its worth it.